AUTO TURN S7/S10-Termninal
Activation of the terminal function 
AUTO TURN S7/S10 Activation Code

- High accuracy at all times and all speeds
- 25 km/h to 400 m/h (depending on model)
- Also ideal for farms growing specialised crops

The AUTO TURN automatic headland steering system makes turning considerably faster and more accurate than would be possible manually. The driver does not need to steer # AUTO TURN turns the machine at the headland in one go and guides it precisely into the next pass. This function is built into the S10 terminal at the factory and can be activated by means of a licence code. Significantly shorter turning times and accurate lining up for the next pass bring further significant improvements in work rates. Turning in one go # without having to manoeuvre # also helps to protect the soil and minimises crop damage when lining up in row crops. What's more, the driver's workload is reduced, enabling him to concentrate on the implement functions. The AUTO TURN function is activated by the boundary line or the worked headland.