GLONASS S7/S10-Terminal
Activation of the terminal function 
    Receiver circuit for receiving free GLONASS satellites to increase the use of safety in critical situations (S7 / S10). Especially recommended in combination with OMNISTAR and RTK / RTK NET.

    GLONASS Activation is required for:
    - Upgrade of correction signal to GLONASS

    As an integral part of the machine's steering hydraulics, the GPS PILOT is almost unbeatable in terms of steering accuracy - thanks to its proportional valve, wheel angle sensor and navigation controller. This combination is perfect for all tasks which depend on maximum pass-to-pass accuracy, e.g. drilling or a wide range of work in row crops. Depending on the precision level required, the GPS signals can be corrected by EGNOS, OMNISTAR HP, BASELINE HD or the RTK signal. GLONASS satellite reception can also be activated.

    - High accuracy at all times and all speeds
    - 25 km/h to 400 m/h (depending on model)
    - Also ideal for farms growing specialised crops

    Caution: you need to activate a separate correction signal for usage of function!