OMNISTAR S7/S10-Terminal
Activation of the terminal function 
    OMNISTAR activation is a free receiver circuit for receiving the L2 band (S7 / S10). These are necessary to receive OMNISTAR correction data.

    - Accuracy of 5 to 12 cm
    - Satellite-based correction signal
    - Dual-frequency signal
    - Subject to licence

    OMNISTAR activation is required for:
    - Correction signal upgrade of EGNOS to OMNISTAR
    - Correction signal upgrade of eDif on OMNISTAR
    - Correction signal upgrade from BASELINE to RTK.

    Caution: you need to activate a separate correction signal for usage of function!

    OMNISTAR HP / XP / G2 operates in much the same way as EGNOS. However, this system is equipped with a dual-frequency GPS receiver, enabling it to achieve a far higher level of GPS accuracy. With 70 reference stations, it provides a continuously available correction signal service, subject to a subscription. The correction signal receiver is particularly quick to respond and achieves an accuracy of +/#5#12 cm.

    Tractors from CLAAS and other manufacturers can easily be retrofitted with OMNISTAR. The system is suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. Omnistar is free receiver circuit for receiving the L2 band (S7 / S10). This is also necessary to receive OMNISTAR correction data. Before upgrading your system to OMNISTAR please check your receiver hardware in the shop.